HRT Unraveled

HRT Unraveled is a unique blend of all natural fibers that are recycled from sweaters that  have seen the end of one life and are put to use to create something new by unraveling the garment and re-knitting the yarn. Each hat is blended with all natural fibers such as cashmere, merino wool and alpaca.  Some times a little silk, angora and mohair are blended in the re-knitting process making for a soft, one of a kind hat.

They are lined with American made Polar Tech for extra warmth and comfort

Enjoy your one of a kind hat for many years. They are built to last.

Care: hand wash in hot water with shampoo or dish soap. Rinse and squeeze out excess water. Air dry. When still damp block by hand or place on your head and gently re-shape.

Summer was on, along with Montana heat and hay. A way of life in our world of ranching ,that comes with the seasons. Summer, a time that is looked forward to all winter and spring, but once here, a time of long hours planting, watering and harvesting crops that would take us and our livestock thru the upcoming winter season. A cycle of life.

Summer is not the time for warm winter hats and it is even harder to think of making them, but in an effort to keep a creative mind going while drive a large tractor and baler mindlessly around in circles, a new hat was conceived….

Was it possible to unravel old sweaters and reclaim the fiber for another purpose? So one afternoon while driving  a tractor in circles rolling up the dried hay, a cashmere sweater was unraveled and a ball of yarn was rolled up. A double success… next winter’s hay was baled and a new hat was in the making